A summary of overcoat by nikolai gogol

Akakiy Akakievitch, like an experienced man, wished to try the sleeves. As for his official status, he was what is called a perpetual titular councillor, over which, as is well known, some writers make merry, and crack their jokes, obeying the praiseworthy custom of attacking those who cannot bite back.

He and Petrovich go shopping for supplies: Despite his joy in receiving the new coat, Akakyevich's moment is short lived; however, because others coveted his coat and stole it from him. Akaky is unsure of how he should behave, but his fellow clerks greet him happily and crowd into the anteroom to look at his cloak once more.

His last version of "The Overcoat" toured the United States in Full study guide for this title currently under development. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations Akaky gazes with awe upon the high society populating the streets around him.

The Overcoat Summary

He is a short man with unmemorable, unattractive features. It was all sewed with silk, in small, double seams; and Petrovitch went over each seam afterwards with his own teeth, stamping in various patterns. Taking out the cloak, he gazed proudly at it, held it up with both hands, and flung it skilfully over the shoulders of Akakiy Akakievitch.

During the christening, baby Akaky grimaces, as though foreseeing the dull life ahead of him. He decided to fix his old overcoat if Akaky buys the lining but even then Akaky was short on money. Sobbing, he shouts at the watchman for completely ignoring his robbery. Why do you insult me.

Ashima notes the watch on her wrist, which her parents gave her as a present when she and Ashoke left India for Massachusetts. Akaky and Petrovich go to the shops in St. He cites a recent incident in which a police inspector complained that the Russian government was riddled with problems, and that people were maligning his name.

The Overcoat

Having seized him by the collar, he summoned, with a shout, two of his comrades, whom he enjoined to hold him fast while he himself felt for a moment in his boot, in order to draw out his snuff-box and refresh his frozen nose.

Petersburg, hoping to achieve success in the literary world. Besides, the notion became pleasant to him when he recollected that he should thereby have a chance of wearing his new cloak in the evening also. Akaky is overjoyed by their compliments, but soon after this, the officials return to their card games, leaving Akaky alone.

The Overcoat Summary

Do you realise who stands before you. On one level, it is an attack on the nature of bureaucracies, and appropriately enough, the narrator opens the story with a discussion of why the particular department in which the story occurs must remain unnamed.

Finally he sat down by the players, looked at the cards, gazed at the face of one and another, and after a while began to gape, and to feel that it was wearisome, the more so as the hour was already long past when he usually went to bed.

That is the reason why he helped Akaky and tailored him a overcoat for a very low price.

Nikolai Gogol

Gogol criticizes the Russian government for paying its civil servants a low salary on which they can barely survive. Doctor called after Akaky develops a throat infection. Enjoyment was written on his face. Petrovitch did not neglect to observe that it was only because he lived in a narrow street, and had no signboard, and had known Akakiy Akakievitch so long, that he had made it so cheaply; but that if he had been in business on the Nevsky Prospect, he would have charged seventy-five rubles for the making alone.

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Characters[ edit ] Akaky Akakievitch Bashmachkin: It is impossible to say precisely how it was that every one in the department knew at once that Akakiy Akakievitch had a new cloak, and that the "cape" no longer existed.

Sometimes he would be a little cruel and overcharged some people just so he could make more money but he was honest when he saw a man with no money. They congratulated him and said pleasant things to him, so that he began at first to smile and then to grow ashamed.

October 20,a train ride from Calcutta to Jamshedpur, where his grandfather lived. But there is always a circle of people to whom what is insignificant in the eyes of others, is important enough.

'The Overcoat' is a short story written by Nikolai Gogol in It follows protagonist Akaky Akakievich Bashmachkin as he struggles with the ramifications of having a worn and ragged overcoat. qu ite inevitably and that to give him any other name was out of the question.

No one has been able to remember when and how long ago he entered the department, nor who gave him the job. Free summary and analysis of the events in Nikolai Gogol's The Overcoat that won't make you snore. We promise. "The Overcoat" (Russian: Шинель, translit.

Shinel; sometimes translated as "The Cloak") is a short story by Ukrainian-born Russian author Nikolai Gogol, published in The story and its author have had great influence on Russian literature, as expressed in a quote attributed to Fyodor Dostoyevsky: "We all come out from Gogol's 'Overcoat'."'." The story has been adapted into a variety.


It took Gogol two years to write the nearly 13, words that make up "The Overcoat." The story about a low ranking official who gains and loses a fine coat was published in a. Complete summary of Nikolai Gogol's The Overcoat. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Overcoat.

A summary of overcoat by nikolai gogol
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