B2b in china

It is an online system for companies, which sell goods to each other. What else should I keep in mind when placing orders on B2B platforms. Most of these projects are commissioned by Western headquarters, who often seek a cross-check to the information they receive internally.

No business analysis of China is complete without the mention of guanxi, the Chinese custom of drawing on personal networks, where business interactions can transform into friendships and vice versa. Entering the Chinese B2B market is not easy, but the challenges are not insurmountable.

B2B Marketing in China

Product development research Launching new products in less familiar — and, in particular, rapidly evolving — markets, such as China, holds considerable risk.

What is B2B platform. Online data collection Whilst Chinese agencies are extremely techno-savvy, the only technological area in which they tend to lag behind their Western counterparts is in their use of online data collection techniques.

Competitive intelligence In most markets within China, the competition is fierce and fast-moving, not to mention fragmented. Quality check is a must, and the sample order is not enough — if you, for example order cellphone batteries of mAh capacity, you will most likely get the sample which fulfills the requirements, but the final batch of goods will be mAh batteries… To sum up with, if you are willing to make a good deal and order a lot of goods, you cannot possibly refrain from verificating your supplier thoroughly.

Our services We work with organisations across a broad range of industry sectors. This directory is searchable by country, and all agencies are vetted for quality. China now has a host of different ministries and regulatory organisations with responsibility for industry regulations and laws.

Chinese companies webpages are often not updated, technically backward and hard to navigate. It exists also on another B2B platforms, f. Businesspeople also tend to take a longterm and relationship-oriented perspective when making large business transactions.

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How Is The Information Collected. What are the channels to market. As specialists in China market research, we help companies to enter the Chinese market, expand their existing Chinese operations or simply identify the opportunities available to them.

Increasingly, information is provided in English and other European languages. Will current offerings need to be adapted. Distribution networks, production machinery, and standards and documentation are all common topics being researched, above all by foreign companies seeking to enter what they feel is starting to become a lucrative Chinese market.

There are still a lot of industries that remain off-limits to foreign companies, and many industries where severe limitations remain in place. Research is commissioned in more or less equal measure in three more sectors — IT and telecoms; manufacturing, and automotive.

This is particularly the case in business-to-business markets, which tend to involve more complex value propositions than consumer sectors, and is certainly the case in China.

Providers of software packages such as CRM systems are a key audience. And it should be used rather to give us a general impression on the desired product, but placing an order and purchasing should be done independently, with the help of specialists.

We offer both competitive pricing studies and price optimisation studies, the latter helping you to understand the trade-offs that Chinese customers make when selecting products or services, and which attributes they truly value.

B2B Marketing in China

Our Chinese market research services include: There is an almost unanimous view in the market that Chinese respondents — particularly businesspeople — prefer to provide information on a one-to-one basis rather than in the company of their peers.

According to our experience, people who are new to China sourcing often commit similar mistakes, which result from the common misjudgment: The difficulties of conducting pricing research in any geography are well-known — asking a respondent how much they will pay for a product or service is extremely unlikely to result in a reliable response, and techniques such as conjoint analysis and SIMALTO can be confusing to many respondents.

As the respondent provides his or her answers over the telephone, the interviewer enters them into the online survey. Chinese companies typically commission Chinese agencies to identify diversification and export opportunities.

Companies would do better to understand their customers and develop a China-specific plan.

Entering Chinese Business-to-Business Markets: The Challenges & Opportunities

Founded inholidaysanantonio.com is a leading comprehensive third-party B2B e-commerce platform in China developed and operated by Focus Technology Co., Ltd. It is dedicated to serving the global trade field and providing high-quality Chinese products and suppliers information for global buyers.

The transactions of B2B E-Commerce market in China reached trillion yuan (US$ trillion) inan increase of % year-on-year. The total revenues of B2B market in China reached US$ billion, led by Alibaba and HC There are several B2B platforms in China, the most famous is Alibaba, there are also Makepolo, holidaysanantonio.com, Made-in-China or more reliable Global Sources.

Every one of them operates on a similar basis: a seller can create his company profile, display products and wait for the buyers to come. B2B Social Media Best Practices. Backed by 15 years of on-the-ground experience, our multinational team and rigorous process ensures your brand is not lost in.

DIYTrade - China Product Directory,B2B Trading Platform with China Suppliers, Manufacturers. Includes searchable product directory, free website. DIYTrade - China Product Directory,B2B Trading Platform with China Suppliers, Manufacturers.

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Includes searchable product directory, free website.

B2b in china
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B2B Marketing in China