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Canto XIII then introduces Confuciusor Kung, who is presented as the embodiment of the ideal of social order based on ethics.

Voices & Visions_Ezra Pound- American Odyssey [1988]

A descendent of Normans, he wrote in Latin. These are contrasted with the actions of Thomas Jeffersonwho is shown as a cultured leader with an interest in the arts. The destruction of this city represents, for the poet, the treatment of civilisation by those he considers barbarous.

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Canto LII opens with references to Duke Leopoldo, John Adams and Gertrude Bellbefore sliding into a particularly virulent antisemitic passage, directed mainly at the Rothschild family.

As Miss Smith writes: The Abbey Theatre, also known as the National Theatre of Ireland, opened in December of and became the flagship for leading Irish playwrights and actors.

It is presence being present to presence. Don Congdon Associates, Inc. Thus, although Pound distrusted the masses, "foreigners," and so forth, The Cantos themselves with their references to Confuciusthe agrarian populism of Jeffersonian and Jacksonian Democracyand even the "enlightened despotism" of Leopold II reflect the underlying conservative sentiment behind his more well-known social and economic views including his antisemitism.

Printed books would lead to an explosion of knowledge and education around the world. What are your top three favorite books.

Voices & visions. 10, Ezra Pound : American odyssey

Douglas for the first time. Besides having the coolest pen name ever, not much is known definitively about the Archpoet. Live man goes down into world of dead. Hotspur would become one of Shakespeare's best-known characters.

Charlemagne inherits the Frankish crown. Pound writes of the decline of the sense of the spirit in painting from a high-point in Sandro Botticelli to the fleshiness of Rubens and its recovery in the 20th century as evidenced in the works of Marie Laurencin and others.

Hence the completeness and inviolability of the poems. Also the birth of Cuthbert, who would become Bishop of Lindisfarne see the entry for He also established just prices for foodstuffs, bringing us back to the ideas of Social Credit.

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For reading matter, he had a regulation-issue Bible along with three books he was allowed to bring in as his own "religious" texts: Native poetry remains oral. Like Martin Luther but a century earlier, Wycliffe claimed the Bible is the only authority for Christians and he accused the Roman Catholic Church of theological errors and corruption.

Katie Grimm joined Don Congdon Associates in She is interested in vivid literary fiction, transportive historical fiction, up-market women's fiction, cohesive short story collections, lurid mysteries and thrillers with exotic settings, high-concept young adult.

Ezra Pound The most controversial of American poets — artistic catalyst, legendary confidant, and author of brilliant cantos — Ezra Pound and his poetry and role in the modernist movement are explored by friends and critics.

Sep 30,  · Pound is an economic extremist which is why with usura you get at least 40 million Amerikan ants on food stamps and each and every one of them owes $, on the unfunded liability.

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Who’s the extremist? Getting back to the documentary, I’d have to say I was surprised to see Pound’s incorrect Chinese characters (). The Waste Land: A Facsimile and Transcript of the Original Drafts Including the Annotations of Ezra Pound (A Harvest Special) First Edition.

When T. S. Eliot died, wrote Robert Giroux, "the world became a lesser place." Certainly the most imposing poet of his time, Eliot was revered by Igor Stravinsky "not only as a great sorcerer of words but as the very key keeper of the language.".

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Whoever has contact with reality is an Idiot, the word having two meanings: 1) to be oneself; 2) being so, to those in illusion, such a one behaves like an idiot.

Voices visions ezra pound
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